DENKI 4 Module for automatic reading of electricity meters with Energomera GOST R IEC 61107-2001.

In today's world with its speed and desire to achieve maximum comfort - a new level of automation out various procedures that were previously performed manually. Such procedures may include the taking of testimony from the meter. This procedure is repeated on a monthly basis, it is very important to take into account energy consumption, and it is important to make it automatic. This contributes to - comfort for the modern man (the end user of electricity) and will improve the accuracy of the account of consumption of the resource.

The module is connected to the Ethernet. Connecting the electricity meter is through the RS-485 (EIA485). Once connected, the module performs periodic exchange with electricity meter and updates the information every minute. He gets such parameters: Voltage; current; power; Power factor; Mains frequency; Active energy cumulative (monthly, daily accumulation). By default, the module is configured to use DHCP server and receive from him the necessary settings. For correct operation of the module requires access to the NTP server. The unit can operate both independently and obtain the necessary commands to work with the server. It transmits data received from the meter via SNMP, on request from the server or other control systems.





Name Value
Rated supply voltage, В 12
Power consumption, not more, Вт 2
Tolerance of supply voltage, % +15... - 15
Communication interface with the meter RS-485  (EIA485)
Communication protocol with electricity meter СЕ
Computer interface Ethernet 10BASE-T
Weight, no more, g 120

Duration of one polling cycle counter, max, min

Dimensions, mm (HWD) 89.4x53.4x65.2

Compatible with counters:

CE102М R5 145-A CE102М R5 245-A CE102М R5 148-A CE102М R5 248-A
CE102М R5.1 145-AN CE102М R5 245-AN CE102М R5 148-AN CE102М R5 248-AN
CE102М R5 145-AN CE102М S7 245-ALV CE102М S7 148-ALV CE102М S7 248-ALV
CE102М R5.1 145-AVN СЕ102М S7 245-AVLN CE102М S7 148-AL CE102М S7 248-AL
CE102М S7 145-ALV СЕ102М S7 245-ALN CE102М S7 148-AV CE102М S7 248-AV
CE102М S7 145-AL СЕ102М S7 245-AN CE102М S7 148-A CE102М S7 248-A
CE102М S7 145-AV   СЕ102М S7 148-AVN СЕ102М S7 248-AVN
CE102М S7 145-A   СЕ102М S7 148-AVLN СЕ102М S7 248-AVLN
СЕ102М S7 145-AVN   СЕ102М S7 148-ALN СЕ102М S7 248-ALN
СЕ102М S7 145-AVLN   СЕ102М S7 148-AN СЕ102М S7 248-AN
СЕ102М S7 145-ALN      
СЕ102М S7 145-AN