GADO 1 Monitoring server rooms

In the world of modern technology, when costly equipment (switching equipment, servers, etc.) requires a special microclimate in the place of installation (air conditioning and ventilation, protection against fire, flood, etc.) as well as the need to ensure the safety of the equipment to the aid of specialized modules . This module controls the premises. They are necessary for specialized facilities such as server, telecommunication cabinets, etc. Using modules can be controlled indoors - temperature, humidity, and also - opening doors. It is the simultaneous production of all three parameters is very convenient and cost effective solution to many problems for the preservation of expensive equipment.

Our executive module using temperature and humidity sensor, and the sensor door opening is gathering information about the parameters of the space. The module is connected to the Ethernet. SNMP protocol module transmits data into the overall management and responding monitoring systems. Using special software, you can always find out what the temperature and humidity at the moment, what has changed, whether penetration into the premises. The module can operate autonomously built by the program is also possible to control the module from the outside.

The module is equipped with a sensor DHT11 - measuring the temperature and humidity in the room. Opening or closing the door in this room can be controlled by reed relay sensor.





Name Value
Rated supply voltage, В 12
Power consumption, not more, Вт 2
Tolerance of supply voltage, % +15... - 15
Measurement range DHT 11, accuracy ±5%RH, RH

20 ...90%

Measurement range DHT 11, accuracy ±2℃, ℃ 0... 50
Weight, no more, g 120

Computer interface

Ethernet 10BASE-T
Dimensions unit: mm (HWD) 89.4x53.4x65.2