TENKI 1 Climate module with a wide range of measured temperature and humidity.

In today's technologically advanced world of great importance is the improvement of quality of life - a comfortable stay, both at home and in the workplace. This requires a comfortable temperature and humidity. This is achieved by using air conditioning and ventilation of the house or office. Conditioning system being automated systems - the most comfortable. It is for these systems and developed our module. Without these modules is not possible to work any automatic air conditioning system.

Measuring climate module is designed to measure the temperature and humidity in any room or external objects. For each room requires one module. Modules are equipped with temperature and humidity sensors. The module is connected to the Ethernet. SNMP protocol module transmits data into the overall management and responding monitoring systems. The module works autonomously on a particular program, but can receive commands from the outside. The module is designed as to automatically obtain an address by DHCP, and have the opportunity to set a static address.

The module uses a digital temperature sensor - DS18B20, and sensor HS1101 - to measure relative humidity. The module has a housing for DIN rail.





Name Value
Rated supply voltage, В 12
Power consumption, not more, Вт 2
Tolerance of supply voltage, % +15... - 15
Measurement range DS18B20, °C –55... +125
Provides a the temperature measurement accuracy - 0.5°C, in the range of, °C –10... +85
Measurement range HS1101, RH 1 ... 99%
Mass, not more than, g 120

Computer interface

Ethernet 10BASE-T
The dimensions of the module housing, mm (HWD) 89.4x53.4x65.2